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21 Jul

Mike G & Krueger – Magnetic Spirit EP

Mike G and Krueger release one of the hottest EP's of the month! 3 tracks, one by Mike G, one by Krueger and one collaboration between them. There's everything you can expect from 2 of...

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03 Mar

Thomas White – Ariose EP

Bassman extraordinaire Thomas White steps up to the ever-impressive Paradisiaca Recordings for a filthy, romper-stomper of an EP containing four tracks and two nutty remix jobs. "Au Ciel" and title track "Ariose" are our top...

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31 Dec

HYDRABADD & Taste Tester – Prismic Portals 2013

Paradisiaca Recordings is a dope label out of The Netherlands that has an ear for bass music. Previously releasing tunes from Krueger, Bosstone, and DJ Hoodcore, they are pointing out underground legends and hosting some...

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24 Oct

Paradisiaca for Long Clothing

"Established in 2011 in the south of Holland, Paradisiaca records already has a strong set of releases from the likes of Krueger, #AAMG (DJ Hoodcore, DJ Siike etc), HYDRABADD, Drippin, Copout and Obey City firmly...

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26 Aug

HYDRABADD – Tundra Nymph & Ice Chasm

There's lots of fancypants terminology that could sum up "Tundra Nymph", but it's best described as the sound of being stoned in a glistening igloo listening to 90s RnB on a broken, half speed tape...

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06 Aug

Folie Douce x HYDRABADD

HYDRABADD did an exclusive track for our friends of Folie Douce, the compilation features tracks from the likes of Cid Rim, Ryan Hemsworth, Prince Jean, Tommy Jacob and more! Go download it for free!

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08 Jul

Drippin & Copout – Night Flare EP

Despite being based in the Netherlands, Paradisiaca release a lot of American beats. This EP is no exception and sees Philly post-dub-hop producer Copout and Norweigan producer Drippin risk sounding like a bonkers comedy act...

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03 Jun

Paradisiaca FM #3: Copout & Drippin

We are proud to announce the next EP which will be from Drippin and Copout! Keep connected through Facebook and the Soundcloud page for the previews! Hi guys, what are you doing at the moment?...

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17 May


We just had the bad news from the #AAMG CEO that they're project is finished. You can download everything they did, including demos and other unreleased stuff here:

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13 Apr

Krueger – Smoke City EP

Deftly exploring the creative possibilities in the endless badlands of a post-dubstep landscape, Krueger references everything from juke to techno across his two originals. "Giggles" is a paranoid, minimal masterpiece that refuses to be pigeonholed,...